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Real Estate projects of $50M or more in the US. It must be a quality transaction with moneyed sponsors who put 20% of their money as "skin in the game." must have a solid track record in the kind of development you are doing. We are deploying capital to sectors that meet our mandates. We will freely determine if we would like to proceed.


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Real Estate projects in the US who needs debt over $20mm+ plus and $10 mm+ plus equity or one or the other for Multi Family, Self Storage, Industrial, Manufacturing, Office, Development, Hotels, Special Purpose with great deals and sponsors.

About Us

Decades of Premium Capital Raising Activity

Founder and CEO of Dominion Capital Partners, LLC., Ernesto is an Air Force veteran with a professional background centered around acquisitions and entrepreneurship. Dominion Capital Partners is a Private Equity Firm focused on helping our investors by diversifying and managing their wealth across alternative asset classes through the creating of funds.

Ernesto Bent

Director and Founder

Why Choose Us

What Is Our Mandate?

Please keep our mandate in mind before making inquiries


Must Have Skin in the Game

Sponsors must be all in.


Larger Deal Size

Ideally $10m or more.


US Focus

We prioritize the United States at this time.

Our Core

Our Legacy and Values

We continue to build on our track record to innovate into new strategies, drive growth, and serve our investors.


Our objective is to create great companies, build great real estate assets and build lasting values for both our clients and investors and keep driving for excellence.


Our family of funds invests on a global basis across a wide range of asset classes including private equity, real estate, hedge fund strategies, public debt and equity, growth equity, opportunistic, non-investment grade credit, real assets, and secondary funds.


The one thing we do well: deliver compelling investment results for our clients over the long term. This remains our singular purpose today, driven by a culture rooted in deep fundamental research, the pursuit of investment insight and continuous innovation on behalf of clients, and facilitated by the free exchange of ideas across the organization.


As a private, independent, investment management firm, we have the freedom to focus exclusively on investing for our clients for the long term. As such, we are deeply attuned to each client’s unique combination of investment goals, risk tolerance, and income and liquidity requirements, and we can act in partnership to address them as they change over time. Within our culture is a commitment to innovation, a firm-wide drive to uncover new solutions as markets and client needs evolve. Not merely innovation for its own sake, but rather the development of transformative concepts rooted in practical client applications.


Ernesto’s team has best-in-class origination skills and they work through compliant channels in making sure all parties get to their desired result in capital markets ASAP. Would definitely recommend him if you are selling your business, or looking to acquire ones as well.

Natu Myers
Director, Aeropolis Capital
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